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Keeping my heart healthy

My whole family has a history of heart disease so I've been on the lookout for my heart health since I turned 30. It's important for me to have a regular checkup and ensure that all of my lifestyle changes are taking effect. I am a regular patient at the local heart health clinic and I'm feeling a lot more confident about living to a long and healthy life. This blog will be great for anyone who is worried about their heart health and wants to take control of their lifestyle with hints about finding the best health clinic in their area.

SAD and How To Overcome It

If you find that you feel tired, 'down', and depressed during the winter months, but find your sunny outlook returning with the spring, you may be a SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) sufferer.  But what can you do to combat it? What causes SAD? Many people work long hours in office or factory environments where they are deprived of natural light.  In the winter months, many workers leave their homes in the dark and return home in the dark too. Read More 

Is my teen going deaf? Identifying Auditory Processing Disorder in teenagers

Most parents have some moments where if they wonder if their teen is going deaf or simply ignoring them. For teens who have Auditory Processing Disorder (or 'APD'), whilst they can hear voices, they may have problems processing the sounds into language or keeping track of conversation in a complex environment with different noises going on. Here are some steps you can take if your teen has APD to help them cope better with school work and home life. Read More 

Your Newborn’s Six Week Assessment Explained

You'll be invited to health and developmental milestone assessments at regular intervals at a family health care clinic until your child starts school, and the first health assessment takes place when your baby is six weeks old. The six week assessment is carried out by a GP and child health nurse and consists of a physical and neurological exam and an opportunity to discuss any concerns you have. The checks carried out at this appointment can allow health problems to be detected early and treated promptly. Read More 

3 Formula Feeding Concerns a Well-Baby Clinic Can Assist You With

After giving birth, your midwife will give you information about your local well-baby clinic, which is usually held in your medical centre. The well-baby clinic gives you the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have about your baby with a child health nurse. You can also have your baby weighed at the clinic to give you peace of mind they are growing well and within the normal range for their age. Read More 

3 Ways You Can Decorate Your Child’s Hearing Aids

As a parent of a child who wears hearing aids, you'll know it can be a struggle to get your child to keep their hearing aids on. There are a number of reasons children pull their hearing aids off, including finding it difficult to accept they need hearing aids, not wanting to feel different from their friends and feeling self-conscious. It can be difficult for children to make the connection between wearing hearing aids and their speech and language development and academic performance, so parents often have to get creative and find ways to make their child's hearing aids exciting and attractive. Read More